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CHISE project

About the CHISE Project

The CHISE (CHaracter Information Service Environment) project attempts to collect and organize into a Knowledge-Base information about characters in the scripts of the world. A new processing environment based on this architecture is currently under development.


  • Due to an organization restructuring of AIST, hosting service of mailing-lists and CVS repositories in m17n.org is closing (mailing-lists has been closed and cvs.m17n.org will be closed at Apr 30, 2012). Now we are working to set up new mailing-lists in lists.chise.org and new Git repositories in git.chise.org.(Apr 11, 2012)

  • Sub Projects

    The CHISE project is the aggregate of the following sub-projects.

    CVS Repositories


    Due to an organization restructuring of AIST, cvs.m17n.org will be closed at Apr 30, 2012. Now we are working to move to a new Git repositories in git.chise.org.

    Git Repositories

    If you want to get a copy of a repository with the git command, please type:

    % git clone http://git.chise.org/git/chise/<repository>.git
    % git clone http://git.chise.org/git/chise/chise-base.git

    Mailing Lists

    Discussion about the CHISE Project occur in the CHISE-{ja|en} mailing lists.

    Anybody who would like to take part in the discussion about and development of the CHISE Project, has ideas or questions about the implementation or wishes for new features is welcome to join either the English, or the Japanese or both lists.

    To become a member in the CHISE mailing, please subscribe at:

    Papers and Presentations


    This project was assisted by IPA Exploratory Software Project, 2001.


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